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FNA Wall of Honor

The FNA Hall of Fame recognizes Florida nurses who have made, sustained, and enduring contributions of enduring value to the nursing profession. This is FNA's highest honor. Congratulations to FNA's Hall of Fame Awardees:

2013: Anne Peach, MSN, RN, CNAA, BC
2013: Jo Manion, PhD, RN, NEW-BC, FAAN
2013: Sande Garcia Jones, PhD, ARNP, ACRN, FAAN 
2012: Claydell Horne, RN
2012: Patricia Messmer, RN
2011: Mike Nilsson, RN BSN
2009: Charlotte Dison, MSN, RN
2005: Paula Massey, MS, RN
2005: Barbara Lumpkin, RN
2005: Lois Malasanos, RN, PhD
2005: Willa Carson, RN
2005: Ruth Jacobs, RN
2005: Nancy Hartley, RN
2005: Carolyn Vallone, RN
2001: Dorothy Smith, ARNP
2001: Margretta Madden Styles, RN
2001: Mary Elizabeth Carnegie, RN
2001: Undine Sams, RN
GREAT 100 Nurses Class of 2013
Nursing Administration: Nurse demonstrates excellent team building skill, demonstrates excellent management skills, maintains a stable work force, enhances work environment for nurses.
Irene Alexaitis Rosa Jaranilla Lenora Yates Judith Crager Amy Pettigrew
Nursing Education: Nurse is employed as an experienced faculty in a nursing program or as an experienced nurse educator/clinical nurse specialist in a clinical setting, is recognized as an excellent teacher, and applies innovative teaching methods in the educator role. Yamina Alvarez Monte Beane Joy Longo Rose Sherman Carol Amole Rita D’Aoust Jill Winland-Brown Guillermo Valdes Barbara Anderson Patricia Gagliano Carol Petrozella Debra Wagner Sonia Balevre Maureen Johnson Rosalyn Reischman Susan Wise Nursing Role Model: Nurses that demonstrate excellence in two or more categories Park Balevre Susan Dyess Barbara Judkins Yolanda Niti Zenesha Barkley Marie Etienne Mavra Kear Roxana Orta Yolanda Bone Annmarie Farro Gwen Lapham-Alcorn Lori Overstreet Janegale Boyd Annette Gibson Peggy Marker Yvonne Parchment Laurel Boyd Jonel Gomez Dianne Morrison-Beedy Cynthia Robesky Marlene Chance Rhonda Goodman Romeatrius Moss Marlaine Smith Judy Comeaux Debra Hain Michael Nilsson William Warrington Cindy Driscoll Janice Hess Roberta Nilsson Clinical Nursing: Nurse exhibits excellent clinical skills, mentors students/staff, serves on work-related professional activities, problem-solves, innovates patient care, and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. David Meysenburg George Byron Smith Nursing Advocacy: Nurse staunchly defends patient safety, actively participates in promoting consumer awareness, consistently exceeds expectations, advocating for patients and families, and serves on community committees as an advocate for nursing. Ann-Lynn Denker Nursing Research: Nurse awarded funding for research, has published in peer-review journals and other periodicals/books, mentors research, and participates in research presentations at local, state, national and/or international level. Ann Horgas Cindy Munro Community Nursing: Nurse is recognized as a community leader in health-related activities, leads health-related community projects, problem solves/innovates community-based care, and provides care over life continuum. Doris Edwards Bonnie Hammack Constance Miller Nursing Entrepreneur: Nurse owns a successful healthcare-related business, serves as officer/manager in a healthcare-related business, and provides valuable consultation to agencies, institutions, or firms. Bonnie Taggart