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About the Florida Nurses Association

The Florida Nurses Association as a constituent of the American Nurses Association is the only nursing organization representing ALL of nursing regardless of specialty or practice area. We speak on behalf of nursing in Tallahassee as well as before many regulatory bodies. We partner with other organizations that share our vision to create a unified nursing advocacy program for nurses in our state. We are a strong voice for the nurses of Florida fueled by the strength and commitment of the professional nurses who comprise our membership.

The members of the FNA staff are committed to assisting leaders and members in implementing the goals and priorities of the Association as well as serving as a resource to nurses and nursing students. There are currently 6 staff members coordinating the work of all the departments of the association.

REGIONS: There is a region within each of the local geographic communities that offer additional opportunities for members to meet nursing colleagues with similar issues, as well as possibly attend continuing education offerings, participate in community outreach projects and legislative functions. To find out specific activities of the region nearest you contact the Region Directors.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: Special Interest Groups (SIGS) are formed by members who wish to gather around a specific issue for activities and action. Any member can initiate a SIG by recruiting ten interested members. A portion of the membership dues are allotted to fund SIG activities. Members can belong to multiple SIGs.

UNITS: Where FNA represents Registered Nurses for collective bargaining there is a specific process in place for the election of officers, negotiating their contracts and dealing with workplace issues. Unit members also participate in all aspects of the association from local and community service projects to holding office at the state level. You may contact the Unit Presidents using the email addresses provided on this website.