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FNA Publications on Workplace Issues

The Florida Nurses Association strives to develop quality publications that can aid the registered nurse in being knowledgeable as well as advocating for a safe and healthy work environment. We also create publications to educate other regarding nursing issues, such as the education of nurses.

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Guidelines for the Registered Nurse in Giving, Accepting, or Rejecting a Work Assignment - Describes the statement and application of principles, as well as legal issues relevant to the responsibility that all nurses have to ensure that safe nursing care is delivered.

Cost: $5.00 each or $105.00 for 25 copies.
$5 each copy
$105 / 25 copies

Guidelines for the Registered Nurse in Determining Scope of Practice - As each nurse is responsible for practicing in accordance with his/her educational background and experience in nursing, this publication provides a decision making model for the registered nurse in interpreting the Nurse Practice Act and administrative rules governing nursing.

Cost: $5.00 each or $105.00 for 25 copies.
$5 each copy
$105 / 25 copies

A Guide For Assisting Colleagues Who Demonstrate Impairment In the Workplace: Effective Responses to Impaired Nursing Practice - A guide for staff nurses who wish to help colleagues whose nursing practice may be impaired due to chemical dependency, psychiatric/psychological conditions, or physical problems that may impair the nurses ability to practice safely. Revised 2000.

Cost: $5.00 each or $105.00 for 25 copies.
$5 each copy
$105 / 25 copies

Professional Nurses Portfolio - This notebook provides a handy way to organize your professional documents from copies of your transcripts and diplomas to current CE certificates, awards and certification documentation. There is even a place to put computer disks, CD's and business cards.

Cost: $32.50 each (FNA member/ students/ new graduates)
$42.50 each (non-member)
$32.50 each
$42.50 each

Careers in Nursing Brochure - This full color document was developed for utilization with middle and high school students to encourage them to consider nursing as a career. The brochure is complementary to members and is sent to non-members at cost.

Cost: $12.50 for 25. $20.00 for 50.

A video developed by NSNA is available for RENT with a $25 refundable deposit when the video is returned.
(FNA members)
$12.50 / 25 copies
$20 / 50 copies
Rent Video ($30)

Understanding the Nursing Profession in Florida- this brochure is a collaboration of FNA, FONE and Florida Deans and Directors to provide insight on the levels and education of nurses. A great tool for education and advocacy.

$18.45 for 25. $25.95 for 50. $45.95 for 100. $88.95 for 250.

$18.45 / 25
$25.95 / 50
$45.95 / 100
$88.95 / 250

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