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Associate Degree Information

Program Length: Usually two years

Where It's Offered: Community and junior colleges.

Tuition: Will vary depending on the school of choice

Nature of Studies: Required courses include a balance of basic, natural, and social sciences; communication and nursing theory and practice in supervised clinical practice in hospitals and long-term care facilities. There are selected, limited, observational experiences in community health agencies.

What You're Prepared For: You are prepared to function as a direct caregiver in acute and long-term care settings, and to work with other health-care professionals in providing a significant contribution.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Those who choose nursing must have a solid academic foundation with attention to math and the sciences. Good study habits and discipline are a must. Personal qualities should include patience, flexibility and a high level of honesty and trustworthiness. A nurse has to possess leadership qualities and be comfortable with the idea of making independent decisions and delegating to others. Good organizational skills are a must.

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