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Scholarship and Grant Application

Please download the Guidelines for the Research Grant Application process here.

Please note that there is no application form. Applicants must follow the directions on the Application Process Guideline. Please do not include any personal identification information on the actual application. That information is to be uploaded separately as outlined in the Application Process Guideline. Staff will use the last four digits of your social security number to match the forms after the committee has reviewed the applications. Once you have completed your application, please save it as GRANTAPP (last four numbers in your social security number) Example: GRANTAPP2546. Save the identifying information document under your last name first initial and last four of the social. Example: JonesM2546.

Grant Applicants should complete and submit the Research Grant Face Sheet and the Research Grant Application using the fields below.

Scholarship Process

Please download the Application form and the Personal Identification Form.

Complete both forms and save the application form under SCHOLARAPP(last four numbers of your social security number. Example: SCHOLARAPP2345. Save identifying information form under your last name first initial and last four numbers of your social security number. Example (SmithJ2345).

Download and save the Personal Reference Form on your computer. Email the form to the people who will be completing your professional reference. The form instructs them to complete the form and email it to .

Please be sure to submit all necessary documents with your scholarship application. A checklist of requirements is found on Page 3 of the Personal Identification Form (Section G). The Statement of Need and Goals & Potential For Contribution must be submitted on the forms provided on the Personal Identification Form (Pages 4 and 5).

Scholarship Applicants should complete and submit the Scholarship Application and Personal Identification Form using the fields below.

Click the Browse Button below to upload your completed Applications and ID form.

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