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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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"State Nurses Association Endorses Second Round of Candidates”

ORLANDO – The state’s largest nurse’s organization released its second round of candidate endorsements for the 2014 elections.

The Florida Nurses Association Political Action Committee (FNPAC) evaluated candidates’ stated interest in and commitment to many issues that comprise the association’s legislative agenda. FNPAC endorsements were based on candidate interviews and surveys that addressed health care, workforce needs, state employees, and the nursing profession.

FNPAC also considered the records of incumbent legislators who voted on pro-nurse legislation during the 2014 session of the Florida Legislature.

"“These candidates would best support health care policies that would give nurses the ability to practice to the full extent of their education and experience and provide quality care to patients,” said FNPAC Chair Bonnie Sklaren.

Among the candidates endorsed by FNPAC are Charlie Crist, candidate for Governor, and George Sheldon, candidate for Attorney General.

FNPAC’s House endorsements:

District 1: Clay Ingram (R) District 2: Mike Hill (R) District 3: Doug Broxson (R) District 5: Brad Drake (R) District 6: Jay Trumbull (R) District 8: Alan Williams (D) District 10:Elizabeth Porter (R) District 11:Janet Adkins (R) District 16: Charles McBurney (R) District 18: Travis Cummings (R) District 21: Keith Perry (R) District 25: Noel Cheryl Bickford (D) District 26:Dwayne Taylor (D) District 27:David Santiago (R) District 28:Jason Brodeur (R) District 29:Mike Clelland (D) District 30:Karen Castor Dentel (D) District 35:Blaise Ingoglia (R) District 36:Amanda Murphy (D) District 38:Daniel Burgess (R) District 39:Neil Combee (R) District 40:Colleen Burton (R) District 41:John Wood (R) District 42:Mike LaRosa (R) District 44:Eric Eisnaugle (R) District 46:Bruce Antone (D) District 47:Linda Stewart (D) District 49:Joe Saunders (D) District 51: Steve Crisafulli (R) District 54: Debbie Mayfield (R) District 59: Ross Spano (R) District 61: Edwin “Ed” Narain (D) District 63: Mark Danish (D) District 65: Chris Sprowls (R) District 68: Dwight Dudley (D) District 69: Scott Orsini (D) District 70: Darryl Rouson (D) District 72: Greg Para (D) District 75: Ken Roberson (R) District 77: Dane Eagle (R) District 82: MaryLynn Magar (R) District 84: Larry Lee, Jr. (D) District 86: Mark Pafford (D) District 88: Bobby Powell (D) District 92: Gwyndolen “Gwyn” Clarke-Reed (D) District 95: Hazelle Rogers (D) District 96: Kristin Jacobs (D) District 100: Joe Geller (D) District 110: Jose Oliva (R) District 111: Bryan Avila (R) District 115: Michael Bileca (R) District 117: Kionne McGhee (D) District 118: Frank Artiles (R) District 119: Jeanette Nunez (R)

FNPAC’s Senate endorsements:

District 10: David Simmons (R) District 12: Geraldine Thompson (D) District 14: Darren Soto (D) District 20: Jack Latvala (R) District 22: Jeff Brandes (R) District 24: Tom Lee (R) District 34: Ellyn Bogdanoff (R) District 36: Oscar Braynon, II (D)

The Florida Nurses Association represents the interests of 250,000 registered nurses across the state. ###

What is FNPAC?

The Florida Nurses Political Action committee or FNPAC was organized to elect political candidates and to advance the outcome of political issues or legislation to benefit nursing and health care. A Board of Trustees is appointed to carry out the mission of the PAC. In election years, the PAC interviews candidates based on FNA's priority legislative agenda and selects which candidates to endorse. Any member in good standing can serve on the PAC. Trustess serve two year terms and can be reappointed. The PAC is funded by donations from the members of the Florida Nurses Associaiton. If your interest in the FNPAC, email
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