2020 FNA Membership Assembly

The review process for the 2020 FNA Icon Awards is currently underway!

Winners will be notified no later than August 31. The awards will be presented during the welcome and announcements at Membership Assembly each day. We will also have an Awards Hall displaying the award winners in our virtual conference.

FNA Awards Categories

Download the Awards Nomination Packet for a full description of each award and nomination guidelines.

Registered Nurse Practice Award
Honors an individual nurse, working in a role other than an advanced practice role, who has demonstrated excellence in a nursing practice setting.

Advanced Practice Nursing Icon Award
Recognizes an individual Advanced Practice Nurse who exemplifies excellence in performing the advanced practice role.

Nursing Administration Icon Award
Honors an outstanding administrative leader in nursing.

Undine Sams Award
Recognizes an individual staff nurse, collective bargaining eligible, who has made significant contributions to enhance the rights and welfare of nurses through labor employee relations and work place advocacy activities.

Communications Media Award
Honors an individual or group in the field of communications for production of written or electronic media which educates the public about nursing and nursing’s impact on health care.

Mary Cash Award
Recognizes an individual nurse who has made outstanding contributions to cultural diversity in nursing and health care.

Heather Scaglione Award
Recognizes an FNA member’s significant and outstanding contribution to support the work of the Florida Nursing Students’ Association and nursing students.

Special Recognition Award
Honors an individual, nurse, organization, or group for actions or programs consistent with the philosophy, goals, and mission of the Florida Nurses Association.

Promoting Environment for Excellence in Nursing Practice Icon Award
Honors employers, nursing service departments or other entities that create a work environment supportive of professional nursing practice.

Nurse Educator Icon Award
Honors an outstanding Nurse Educator.

Nursing Research Icon Award
Recognizes a nurse who has produced research of scientific merit with relevance to the practice of nursing.

Barbara Lumpkin Award
Recognizes a nurse who has made a significant impact in political and legislative issues affecting nurses, nursing, and quality health care.

Community Action Icon Award
Recognizes outstanding voluntary contributions by FNA members (group or individual) to the health and welfare of a community through an organized and systematic effort.

Education and Advocacy Icon Award
Recognizes a nursing education program that promotes professional activities and educates nursing students about advocacy through inclusion of related content in the curriculum and participation in related activities.

The Florida Nurses Association Hall of Fame
To recognize Florida nurses who have made sustained and enduring contributions of enduring value to the nursing profession.

Nursing Innovation and Creativity Icon Award
These awards will recognize individuals, groups or institutions who have demonstrated innovation and creativity in any area of nursing. Three awards will be presented. The innovation or creative endeavor may be demonstrated in the area of patient care delivery, hands on care, research, education, community service, leadership and management or other areas not covered in the above categories. Please complete the form below and attach two letters of support for your nomination as well as any supporting documents, photographs, or articles.

FNA Continuous Membership Awards
Diamond Award for 50 Years of Consecutive Membership
Lamplighter Award for 25 Years of Consecutive Membership