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Becoming a Nurse
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Becoming a Nurse

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Nursing today is a proud profession with exciting challenges, unlimited opportunities, and new directions for the future. Nursing's new directions are helping the nation's healthcare needs to be met more efficiently and cost effectively. Opportunities exist in hospitals, hospices, home settings, public health clinics, and long term care facilities where nurses are assuming new roles and taking on new responsibilities. No other group of health professionals provides dedicated round-the-clock care for patients. No other group of health professionals has such an impressive history of consumer advocacy.

 If Caring Were Enough, Anyone Could Be a Nurse…

Nurses are qualified to provide care by their extensive educational background in nursing and in the behavioral and physical sciences, and by their commitment to the well-being of every individual. In hospitals, outpatient clinics, wellness centers, small neighborhood clinics, nursing homes and centers, physicians' offices, schools, in the home, and in industry, nurses are there. Whatever the health problem to be faced -- nurses are there. Nurses today are taking greater responsibility in the delivery and management of care. By taking on this increased responsibility and by assuring the best care possible, nurses help consumers get well faster and stay welt, thereby helping keep health care costs under control, and at the same time making sure that the quality of care remains high. Not only are nurses expanding the type of services they provide, but also they are providing these services in a variety of settings and to people who span the entire life cycle. This diversity provides many exciting and different ways to practice nursing!

The demand for nursing services has never been greater. More than 1.6 million registered nurses are working in the United States now, more than at any other time in this country's history. Recent developments in health care such as new, cost-effective financing mechanisms, the movement away from traditional hospital-centered care, and the new emphasis on a healthy life style have dramatically increased the demand for registered nurses. The increasing demand for nurses brings exciting challenges to the nursing profession. Nursing today means new choices, new directions.

Nursing is not a job. It is a profession requiring specialized knowledge and skills. And it is as emotionally rewarding as it is challenging and demanding, because as a nurse you do make a difference in people's lives.

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Florida Nurses Association
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P.O. Box 536985
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