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2019 Election
Florida Nurses Association

Election Headquarters

Your Guide to FNA Election 2019

Florida Nurses Association

FNA Election 2019

We are Still Accepting Nominations for the 2019 Election!

Final Deadline - July 15th

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as of 7/2/19

Election Forms

Election Manual
Candidate Manual
Consent to Serve (Nomination Form)

Notice of Elections

Notice is hereby given that Florida Nurses Association will hold its biennial elections of Officers, Directors, and Nominating Committee members in August of 2019.

Nominations for the following FNA elected offices are now being requested (see position descriptions and regional designations on page 9 of the Election Manual):

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Nine (9) Directors (8 Regions and a Recent Graduate)
  • Nominating Committee (5 members)
  • 2 representatives to ANA Membership Assembly

Please review the Election Manual for more details about the election, position requirements, and bylaws pertaining to the election.

Procedure for Nominations

All structural units - regions, local units, etc., are requested to submit names of candidates for office. Individual members may nominate candidates or self-nominate.

Nominees will be considered upon receipt of completed Consent-to-Serve form with signature at FNA Headquarters by close of business (5:00 PM) on designated dates. Names submitted to the Nominating Committee must be received by April 15, 2019 in order to appear on the sample ballot in The Florida Nurse. Nominees are responsible to verify receipt by deadline. Additional nominations will be accepted until July 15th.

The Nominating Committee receives the names of candidates for FNA Officers, Directors, ANA Delegates, and Nominating Committee and prepares two ballots in conformity with FNA Bylaws. One of the two ballots will be for Bargaining Unit activities.

To be placed on the ballot, the candidate must have a signed “Consent-to-Serve” statement on file at FNA Headquarters and be a member in good standing if the nomination is for an officer or director position.

Candidates are requested to submit biographical data for publication in The Florida Nurse prior to the final ballot.

Please review the Election Manual for more details about the election, position requirements, and bylaws pertaining to the election.


March Initial call for candidates. Regions or other structural units are asked to submit names of suggested candidates to FNA Headquarters. Individuals may also self-nominate at this time.
April 15 Deadline to submit election nominations for them to appear in the June issue of The Florida Nurse.
May Preliminary Ballot will be available online. The slate will be posted on the website along with a Consent-To-Serve form for additional nominations.
June Official Call to Membership Assembly in June issue of The Florida Nurse.
July 1 Last day to request/purchase mailing labels for campaign literature.
July 15 FINAL Nominations Due
August 1 Election opens. Email sent to members notifying them that they can vote. Email contains instructions. A reminder email will be sent from Election America. Those members without email will receive printed instructions from Election America via postal mail mailed on this day.
August 15 Final day of voting. All ballots must be submitted by this day.
September 13-14 FNA Membership Assembly. Election results announced.
September 14 Board meeting for newly elected Board members (initial orientation and immediate post-convention action). Subsequent meeting dates, including full orientation, will be set at this time.

Additional Information

Candidates may request Campaign Messaging be sent via Email Blast to all FNA members. More information is in the Candidate Manual.

Email Blast Request Form

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