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Legislative Platform
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Legislative Platform

Welcome to the Florida Nurse's Association legislative platform. Here you will find information on current legislative issues that affect the field of nursing as well as our current endorsements for any current elections.


FNA Political Endorsements

Protect and enhance the ability of Registered Nurses (RNs), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) to practice to the full extent of their education and experience. 
  • Support legislation that allows all nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training in all practice environments, including telehealth.
  • Support legislation that removes unnecessary nurse practitioner collaborative practice agreements and removes physician-nurse practitioner supervisory language from the nurse practice act.
  • Support legislation that addresses prescriptive and billing authority for the CNS to align with other Florida advanced practice nurse roles.
  • Support legislation that would provide universal signature authority for all advanced practice nurses.

Support efforts to protect the rights, jobs, wages, pensions, health care coverage, and other benefits of our state-employed health care professionals.

Support safe practice environments for all nurses and our patients.

  • Support legislation that provides meaningful information to users of health care about staffing and nursing resources in health care facilities.
  • Promote legislation that protects healthcare workers against workplace violence, including efforts to enhance penalties against those who commit such crimes.

Protect and promote health-related initiatives that protect the physical and mental health of Florida’s residents.

  • Support legislation that allows Florida to accept federal funding to make healthcare available to more Floridians.
  • Support sustained funding and utilization of the controlled substances prescription monitoring database.
  • Support legislative efforts and promote adequate funding to strengthen the public health system, improve access to care or promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Support legislation that helps to create a multi-disciplinary, patient-centered model of healthcare delivery.
  • Support legislation that provides comprehensive end-of-life planning and care.
  • Pursue a pilot study to evaluate innovative and comprehensive school health services that include access to health care provided by an RN.
  • Pursue legislation that would require as mandatory education at least a 2.0 hour CEU education in infection prevention and emerging diseases training. This will be required each bienium for all nurses.
  • Support meaningful legislation for gun control.

Promote legislation, policies and strategies that help to meet Florida’s nurse workforce needs.

  • Support efforts to attract and retain more nurses into nursing education.
  • Support efforts that encourage nurses to advance their academic education.
  • Promote programs that support improved transition to practice for new graduates and transition in practice for experienced nurses.
  • Promote the requirement for national accreditation of nursing education institutions in Florida.

Facilitate and encourage participation by students and new graduates in the FNA legislative activities and programs.

Preserve efforts to research and inform employers, the public, and policymakers about the nursing workforce needs of our state by pursuing funding for the Florida Center for Nursing. 

Support efforts to maintain the membership of the Florida Board of Nursing by encouraging the timely appointment of members.

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